Tommy Fury accepts fight vs Jake Paul

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tired oh no GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Tommy agreed to change his last name for a year if he loses lol

Meanwhile Tyron still thinking rematch gonna happen lol

He should sue and see if the “Bet” deal made at the end of the fight holds weight in court

It ain’t legal until it’s signed

Not a chance hell that dumbfuck YouTube will fight anyone compitent

If you could make millions taking fights you should win would you change the model?

Have you ever watched Tommy Fury fight? He’s fucking horrible. This will be a much easier than the Woodley fight.

“Not a chance hell that dumbfuck YouTube will fight anyone compitent”

jajajaja, let me break it down for you. first of all, i do not believe “dumbfuck youtube” agreed to fight anyone. so i assume you are talking about jake. now, jake just fought and clearly beat Tyron Woodley a few short months ago, who was a UFC champion with a solid ko record. i bet he would be very sad to know you do not consider him “compitent” in striking jajaja…

and allow me to be the first to say… YES YES YES YESSSSS!!! gotta love the balls on that white boy. he has more millions than all of you combined, but yet he goes of of his way to fight and prove himself to himself. the gods smile on that one jajaja…

“Let me break it down for you.” Here comes the jajaja genius again every pipe down and listen