Tommy Fury Confirms he’s Fighting Jake Paul on August 6th at MSG:

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Tommy sucks

Jake will lay him out


Who needs who?

Seriously? Forget his skill… Jake made you famous and will probably give you your biggest payday ever.

Just be fucking honest.


Jake isn’t that good either but at least he has some pop

Thought Jake was eyeing Conor Masvidal Ngannou Diaz

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Fury spoke the fuck up after Uncle Dana ok’d a fight against Nate Diaz.


Id be suprised if Jake layd him out dude

Tommy is a rubbish boxer. Hot missus but that’s about it

first guy jakes fought his size That said I think Paul KOs him

Back on

What a waste. There are about a million more interesting matchups for Paul


Some good trolling there by Jake!

Tommy Fury is the reason the sport of Boxing started to die LMAO!

Who would you like to see him fight?

Jake The Great is going to starch that pretty boy.

Damn I expect these lines to change pretty quick. A lot of money will come in on Jake

jakes got a big ass villain head.

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