Tommy Fury ducking Jake Paul. Offered $1 million

Here is why you two are idiots:
Mutton- “if they cross ober in to MMA after training UFC for a couple years.
Steak and pussy- he gets a lot of shot but he is right and I tend to agree with him
Everyone else: How the fuck do you train UFC?
Gosh that’s weird my son doesn’t train in NHL he trains in hockey. Weird how that works.

Oh no, I said something against a hated forum member so now I’m under attack.

Go get your wife to stick you and see who the recall pussy is

I think “trane UFC” is an UGism.

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Yeah but he wouldn’t know that lol, a rookie in the sport and rookie on the UG

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Lol how cute. You must be new here.

“Trane UFC” is a meme.

Fair on that part cause I don’t use any of the “meme”.
Still no chance because he can’t hand pick his opponent UNLESS he goes to bellator I guess

Gotta admit this Jake Paul guy has got a P.H.D. in getting under peoples skin . Self promotion on a level we havent seen from youtube internet personality to actualing using the platform to go into a major sport and make unprecedented amount of money in an astonishly short amount of time.

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“Report”, aka not confirmed

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I’ll watch it but this doesn’t excite me at all. Tommy is a low level boxer and probably is who Jake should be fighting but I don’t give two shits about this fight. I want more freak show fights, Jake vs Silva, Jake vs that dude who plays Spiderman, Jake vs Rousey, etc.

I would fight Jake/Logan Paul…I’d prolly out jab them but I would prolly lose.

I wasn’t too impressed w him. He seems a bit labored and slow.

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Tommys 7-0 & his opponents records are a combined 15-175.
He can’t be good if they won’t even let him face a decent journeyman,

The pressure cracked Tommy. Wow, Tyson is gonna be PISSED when Jake wins.

Crazy. Cannot wait.

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Tommy is in Miami now training with his big bro.

Gay and I hope Fury wrecks him but he puts up a good fight and makes him humble enough to say he whopped my ass.

What exactly makes you prefer one douchebag over the other?

Tommy is not his brother.

I’d personally love to see Jake win this one.


I doubt Tyson will be that upset. He knows his brother is not going to be a top level boxer and knows jake could win. He also knows how to build up a fight in the media and I’m sure he’s glad his little brother is making good money.