Tommy Fury ducking Jake Paul. Offered $1 million

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Huh they’re half brothers are they not? Idk tbh but I prefer that douchebag over the other yes. One is like supreme and other lite. Imo

Tommy is by far the bigger douche bag

Why? Idk him to be honest. I think these youtubers and tik tok homos are weird and don’t follow them aside from what I see here and I’ve come to the opposite conclusion so far. I’m curious as to why you think? You team YouTube lol

I don’t know much about Tommy but on the surface he appears to be a douchey guy that is more concerned about his looks and partying who isn’t a good boxer and tries to live it up off the family name his brother created.

At least Jake has made his own way and isn’t just living the big life in his brother’s shadow.

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