Tommy Morison calls out Chuck

tommy will k.o chuck 1st rd,, but we know chuck is not man enough to step in the ring with a top level striker,, he only fights wrestlers,,and a mid level boxer will k.o him

Tommy accepts Chucks Challenge
Tommy Morrison Accepts Chuck Liddell's Challenge and Will Make His MMA Debut!

May 10, 2007 - Tommy "The Duke" Morrison, one of the most intriguing boxers to even step into the squared circle, shocked the MMA world this week by announcing his intention to fight 340 lb. John Stover, an experienced cagefighter with 8 professional fights, on June 9, 2007 at the Cliff Castle Casino ( in Arizona in Gino Carlucci's World Fighting Championship (

Morrison's bombshell announcement comes over a decade after his previous bombshell announcement that rocked the boxing world that he had tested positive for AIDS. Morrison, however, has been symptom free for 10 years now and claims that he was the victim of a false positive test result. He recently started boxing again and was cleared to return to the ring by the West Virginia Athletic Commission after passing a battery of medical tests in Arizona, the results of which were forwarded to West Virginia.

Best known to the general public for his role as Tommy Gunn in Rocky V, Morrison was on top of the boxing world before a single test result in 1996 took it all away. But Morrison (46-3-1, 40 KOs) was no celluloid tiger and was a significant fighter and box office draw. George Foreman, for example, lost to only five fighters in his career and Morrison is one. Morrison also held a share of the heavyweight title on two occasions.

"I had just signed a three-fight deal with Don King," Morrison recalls, "that was going to lead to showdown with Mike Tyson that was worth $38 million. My first fight was against Stormy Weathers in Las Vegas, but then came the test result and the fight was cancelled. I estimate that cost me around $100 million in fight purses over the past 10 years."

Morrison was spurred to start cagefighting by an interview that Chuck Liddell gave on Good Morning Texas where Liddell called out Morrison and said he wanted to fight him. "I couldn't believe that," Morrison says. "It's one thing to talk about fighting someone but another thing to actually do it. Let's see if Chuck Liddell's heart is as big as his mouth. He is crazy to want to get into the cage with me. I beat George Foreman. Nobody in the history of boxing hit harder than George Foreman. So why would I be afraid to get hit by Chuck Liddell? He should be the one to be afraid. Liddell has never been hit by anyone like me. Dana White always talks about how a top cagefighter like Liddell could beat a top boxer so here's a chance to make it happen. I want to know if Liddell and Dana White really mean what they say or if they are just full of talk. I will take on Chuck Liddell anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

Morrison's first step in his mixed martial arts career will be followed and reported on around the world and "The Duke" is dead serious about his upcoming fight. "I'm really excited to be fighting in the WFC and I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me. If you want to see the future of mixed martial arts then come to the Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde Arizona on June 9, 2007...because that future is me."

I'd love to see Chuck show us more to his game. and he would have to against Tommy.

i know my account looks new because i recently decided to join the u.g but ive been going to ufc's since it hit vegas,,,i know my shit,,i know i look dumb talking shit about chuck but i hate the bastard and i know tommy will k.o him cuz chuck will try to stand with him

obviously you have never met Chuck or you would not talk like that about him.

what's a wfc?

"Tommy "The Duke" Morrison, one of the most intriguing boxers to even step into the squared circle"

LOL at that.

"tommy will k.o chuck 1st rd,, but we know chuck is not man enough to step in the ring with a top level striker,, he only fights wrestlers,,cuz he's a gay ass queer!!! "

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My mother always used to say if it looks like a troll and it sounds like a troll it probably is a troll.

LOL at Morrison, he was just a decent boxer in a time where there were not many great boxers... he was also privilaged or victim of being "the great white hype" imho.

Tyson would have ended his 3 fight contract and career.

Chuck is the man and is always humble and nice... those who dont think so don't know Chuck and are talking out there ass. Maybe you dont like him as a fighter and you think he sucks but thats different than insulting Chuck as a man.

Tyson didnt exactly beat the cream of the crop of heavies. they both did fight Razor Ruddock...

Chucks no dummy. He would win it Rd. 1 KO. Straight boxing is a completely different artform!

I agree Tyson didn't beat the cream of the crop, there is definitly no denying that... but I would bet good money that Tyson KO'd Tommy Boy... maybe I'm just biased because I liked Tyson Highlight video and I hated Tommy in Rocky 1700 or whatever number it was...

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sorry Lidell fans but if Tommy Morrison lands one of his left hooks, Chuck is unconscious

It's true. Morrison was 95% hype.

you guys know this is a proffesional fighter with years and years of training,,,im not saying he would be good in mma but styles make fights and chuck wont take him down he will try to strike and sorry to say but he doesnt hit as hard as g. foreman but in his delusional mind he thinks so and tommy will k.o him.. chuck has never been as hit as hard as tommy will hit him

last street fight I saw Tommy Morrison in, he got destroyed by an old washed up boxer.. He has no chance vs. Chuck!

well, back in the day Morrison was bullheaded and probably would not have done to well except for the proverbial "puncher's chance." I just don't think he was mature enough to be taught MMA. Now he may be older, wiser, and more mature, settled enough to learn MMA but I doubt his abilities are what they once were.

Thanks :)