Tommy Morison calls out Chuck

Tommy "the Machine" Gunn?

he did beat Foreman...

Foreman landed 50% of the punches he threw over 12 rounds...unfortunately he only threw about 20.

I think Foreman put Morrison over that night......l

Wadda you mean?

I have seen both guys working out multiple times in person. I boxed out of the same program as Tommy when I was an amatuer (EKA) and I have seen Chuck work out multiple times at J-Sect. As far as striking ability is concerned, or atleast was when Tommy was younger, their respective striking abilities are as different as night and day. If Chuck tried to stand w/Tommy (which I can't imagine that he would) Tommy run right over Chuck.


just by seing on t.v i could tell what would happen and now having you say the same justifies it,, if you have seen both train and say tommy by k.o i know my thread is not a joke like most chuck nut huggers believ!!!

when Chuck threw out Morrison's name in that interview I seem to remember him mumbling something afterwards about him being a guy who would stand and trade with him. Would be interesting if Chuck did decide to stand and trade with Tommy. I have no idea what Morrison has left, but if he is even half the fighter he was 10 years ago it would be interesting.

If Tommy could make 205, I think it'd be a great opportunity for the UFC. Otherwise Tommy should fight whoever Dana chooses from the Heavyweight division.


Is Tommy back on the roids?

isnt tommy HIV positive?? he could never fight again even if it was in MMA?? having said that, i say chuck by TD and ground and pound


If anyone saw his last fight they would realize that we are not looking at the same Tommy Morrison.

No disrespect to the man but he has seen better days a long time ago.

Tommy Morrison is one dude I wouldnt be thrilled to have to fight with...


"Tommy "The Duke" Morrison, one of the most intriguing boxers to even step into the squared circle"


He's not Rocky's robot you know

Morrison can't tell Chuck was drugged out of his mind in that interview?

I think Tommy has been hit in the head 1 too many times. Chuck via knockout, kick to the face or gnp

lol at some of you guys...... of course Tommy would KO Chuck if they stood and traded! Tommy hit like a mac truck. chuck is a great striker but c'mon man! chuck would take a couple shots and take him down and beat the crap out of him. why would anyone stand and trade with a former world heavy champ (dont care how long ago it was)? that would be retarded for anyone! its an MMA fight. chuck by tko in rd. 1.......

Hey, the guy cured himself of HIV, I wouldn't count him out:)

The question everyone has failed to ask is,
is Dana gonna step up and back up Chucks call out and accept Morisson's acceptance?

Why the hell wouldnt you get a retest?