Tommy Morrison fights MMA 2morrow

WFC is tomorrow w/ pro boxer Tommy Morrison making his MMA debut against MMA fighter John Stover. I'll go with Stover by submission, your pick?

Tell me more about Stover.


Not really the kind of preparation I was hoping for by Tommy.

Wow :/ . . . . . . just wow. I got nuthin.

Morrison will win easily.

1st off, will any respectable top level guy fight someone who's HIV status is at best questionable?!?

But the best case scanario is this...
Tommy actually does knock out stover 1st round with a pop on the chin, thus vindicating Tommy's belief that he need not train on the ground.
Then let him step up against a decent B level fighter who will than proceed to ground and pound Tommy all the way back to 1991.
His arrogance is astounding. Even for a boxer.

Jimmy if you aint got nothing thats a double negitive which in turn means you have something. and thats a good thing.

This whole thing reeks of the wacky tabacky.

I'll take Stover. Just shoot a low single, if you don't get it, pull guard, end of Tommy.

Morrison, by ATZ


I hope the guy wears a condom

I hope they test Tommy with the OraQuick Rapid HIV test. Oraly administered HIV test that yields results in 20 min and will soon be OTC. Shit I sound Like a broker trying to push a stock. This is in no way a solicitation to buy or sell OraSure Tech ticker symbol OSUR. But it's a pretty quick way to test the guy and see whats up.

^ "An evil doctor????" (Holds pinky to corner of mouth)

I'm pretty sure it's standup only. Look for Tommy to K.O this guy in rd. 2

if its MMA and morrison has done no grappling he will lose.

Its a grapplers sport after all.

"This aint no pie eatin contest"

"Lawyers. LOL"

Yes, it seems much more logical to believe an ex with an ax to grind instead.

"If Tommy was HIV positive and they were having sex, there's no way she could not have it,"

lol @ that non-sense