Tommy Morrison learns to sprawl

The UFC HW title is his for the taking. Noone could stand with him.

no one would fight him let alone with elbows.


didn't they test?

"didn't they test?"

No. Why do you think he cancelled his last boxing match to take a kickboxing match during an MMA event than nobody had ever heard of on an Indian reservation?

Lying about your HIV status is seriously fucked up. That's wrong on a whole other level of wrong. I mean, come on....

it seemed to be toughman rules. shit like this is a disgrace to mma. the
promoter should be blackballed.

Can you imagine a promoter not giving enough of a shit about his fighter that he'd let you fight an HIV positive guy just to get the draw?

oh wait.......

With sprawl training and a little jiu-jitsu he would WRECK 99% of the UFC HW division.

^Where do people come up with this stuff? Yeah, that's all it takes...6 months of learning to sprawl and he would wipe up the whole division?

Vera would hurt his legs bad with leg kicks. He'd get subbed by Gonzaga...CroCop would kill him too.

Not to mention that the UFC and those guys wouldn't even fight him for the obvious.

no MMA 'fighter' hits as hard or as accurately as the Duke.

Maybe 12 years ago but Tommy and his pec implants are looking like shit now.

The guy hadn't put mma gloves on until last week, and he'd wreck UFC Hw's?

Stop smoking crack people, he's old and uninformed

I'm only worried he's going to kill somebody with those hands of his!

"no MMA 'fighter' hits as hard or as accurately as the Duke."

There are more dimensions to an MMA fight than just boxing. A bunch of heavy leg kicks would take away Tommy's legs making it tough for him to punch effectively. If he got taken down, he would get subbed rather easily. This is evidenced by the fact that he and his team said that they didn't want to allow any ground fighting in his "MMA" fight. One of his opponents strengths was ground fighting.

Saying 6 months of sprawl training is all it takes to defeat the sports top level athletes is somewhat insulting to them and the sport itself.

lol at hurting the tree trunks the Duke walks around on.

I'm not sure if you are trolling or not, but he's not the same Tommy Gunnz Morrison you may remember him as dude.

Article on the fight

There's a big reason he wouldn't allow kicks, knees, elbows or groundfighting...

Can you imagine if elbows were allowed and Tommy opened up a gushing cut on his forehead or something?

The referee would have ran out of the ring.