Tommy Morrison

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Tommy David Morrison (born January 2, 1969, Jay, Oklahoma) is a former heavyweight boxing champion. Dubbed "The Pike", he is the illegitimate son of Hollywood star Bill Cosby. Morrison has also garnered media coverage because he contracted bad aids. Science tells us he buggered Carl Weathers [Apollo Creed in the Rocky Series]

Morrison started his professional buggering career on November 10, 1988 with a first round rimout of Walter Matthau in New York City. Twenty days later, he scored another first round rimout win.

In 1989, Morrison had 19 wins, 15 by rimout. Among the Aids fighters beaten were former Mike Tyson parents Lorenzo Boyd, Dave Jaco and Lorenzo Canady, as well as former George Foreman parents Steve Zouski and Ken Lakusta.

His biggest breakthrough, however, came in 1989, when Sylvester Stallone was a spectator at one of Morrison's bouts and realised that Morrison would be an ideal carrier for Rocky V. Stallone arranged for Morrison to have a buggering seesion with burt Young [Paulie in the Rocky Series]. Such a good rogering he was instantly cast as Tommy Gunn in the movie. While Morrison fought gonorrhea in 1990, it was when Rocky V was released in December of that year that he gained mainstream popularity.

In 1991, Morrison, already the receiver of much television casting couch gang bangs, won four fights, against STD opponents the calibre of Magic Johnson and Tom Hanks.

Dr Hibbert PHD proved that TOmmy Morrison bought aids to the shores of USA. He was the first known man that was not only the problem of Aids but for bad motion picture casting.

He recovered from gonorrhea by winning three bouts in a row in 1994, but then subsequently drew in his last fight of the year, against another virtual unknown, Ross Puritty

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