Iatskevitch's transition to matwork ?

I already posted it on another board and im still not convinced avout this technique?

Is this a deep sumi gaeshi or a tomoe as the commentator said?

yaskevitch armlock
Uploaded by sankaku

Nice newaza!

It looks like the foot is hooking in between uke's legs but tori's grip isn't deep (over the back grabbing uke's belt).

It is (IMO) a blend of both tomoe and sumi gaeshi.

Exactly what turtle9uard said; elements of both. Why did Iayakevitch step on his foot afterwards?

Good newaza guys are fun to watch. They keep going no matter what position they end up in. This seems to give them the look of 'fighters' out to win, without the refs help. imltho (imltho = in my less than humble opinion)

Nice clip Chiave.

Ashy: Iatskevitch was stepping on his foot to tell him how unsportsmanlike it was to step on his foot to lock him in place for his Osotogari. The Korean was stepping on Iatskevitch's foot to lock him in place for the Osotogari prior to being thrown and finished.


How dastardly!

I've always wanted to slip the word 'dastard' into casual conversation. This was my first chance. I think it went well.

Hikkomi Gaeshi


Indeed ben , it is what i thought

Don't you need the belt for hikikomi? The Japanese have some weird classification criteria.

Tomoe-nuggie, now that's my throw. Its like classic tomoe-nage, except, you use one hand to playfully rub your knuckles on uke's head, as he goes over. It happens all the time at the international level. I'm suprised you guys haven't seen it.

shrugs...chalks it up to liberal media bias

No, you do not need the belt for Hikkomi Gaeshi. There are various ways to do it. Some involve grabbing the belt, although in that case you could call it Obi Tori Gaeshi ala' K. Kashiwazaki.

I remember when some folks in the states started using HKG in national comps. First time I saw it was at a US Open back in the early '80s. Became a bit of a fad, like Yoko Sankaku rolls. Of course, back them, HKG did not score unless uke/tori bodies separated.


Yeah. Like alot of teenagers in the early 80s, I too, tried HKG. I didn't like it. It's not that I was afraid, I just, somehow, felt that it was wrong.

little chuckle

If the belt comes off, you can always try tomoe wedgie as well. That's a fun one.

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"We are only discussing REAL throws here, not made up ones." he scolds in deep authoritative voice. LOL

At the end when they shake hands Iaskevitch motions to the guy like the guy stomped on his foot. I think I remember seeing this match before and the other guy doing a technique where he stepped on the guys foot and then came through with an Osoto on that leg. Does anyone have the whole match to post??

Oh yeah and I could be wrong but isn't that Bob Berland on deck in the background?

Does anyone have the whole match to post??

I do and I will :)

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