Tomorrow, I give my 11 year old the sex talk. :(

My son's class is going to McMillen Health Center where they're going to be talking about things like puberty and conception on Monday.

When I was in school, my parents (mostly my mom) held me out of anything that had to do with sex education or the like.  I even missed a concert in Middle School that was, I believe, about abstinence.  She told the school I wasn't allowed to go and I had to stay in the Library.

Then, I NEVER got any form of sex talk from my parents, and had a kid at 17, because everything I learned, I learned in Locker Rooms....wait, that sounds gay.  No time to explain.


Anyways, I'd rather he get the general idea from someone he knows and trusts before a stranger starts throwing sexual knowledge at him.


Any serious ideas?

"Show him Brokeback Mountain"

The UG

Those "strangers", might be better examples with the sex talk than somebody who had a kid at 17.

They give you years upon years of that shit in health class from the age of like 10-17.

damn ..11.....I barely knew how to pee

Just sit down and have an open conversation with him, dont hold anything back. Explain as much as you think he can maturely handle as an 11 yr old. Not sure how much that is, seems kinda young but that seems to be the way things are going now.

The good the bad and the ugly. Kids, condoms, the clap, and not to send dick pics over his phone...

My 16 yr old nephew did that and the FBI showed up at my aunts house... He lost his phone till he was 18.

Just my .02 cents.

// Thank me later

My Lord, I read that title wrong. Phone Post 3.0

Does he have access to the internet?
Then he has an understanding of the mechanics, but probably impossibly high expectations and a belief most sex will involve him, a woman and his friend. Phone Post

show him a book of STDs...

Turn on some porn and tell them him that pretty much sums it up.


Just be honest and open to questions. No big deal really. Phone Post 3.0

My folks pulled me from health class too. I remember my Mom asking my brother and I if "we knew everything about sex" and honestly we just said yes because hearing it from Mom would have been way too awkward. The lack of parenting did it's damage too. It wasn't really until 8th grade that a friend commented about "blow jobs" actually being "suck jobs".

Previous to that I thought a chick just blew on your dick like blowing out a candle on a birthday cake and somehow THAT was as good as sex. Yeah, childhood was awkward for me.

Tell em about sex as soon as they ask. Phone Post 3.0

Hey, it's better to hear about it from educators than the way I learned about it.

My parents never gave me "the talk" because they figured I would learn about it from my older brothers.

What they didn't figure on was my friend Dave and the shoebox full of porn he had.

I didn't learn how the reproductive systems worked, but I did learn that a big dildo could really stretch out a chick's asshole to a point where you'd think it would be damaged, but it really be okay.

If my kid was 11, I'd rather have him be curious and ask questions to qualified educaters. Rather than being 11 and looking at any random chick walking by and wonder how long of an object I could insert into her anus.


Get him a code to Brazzers. Phone Post 3.0

Damn dude good luck! Your got this though man mind over matter. If all else fails show him a porno man Phone Post 3.0