Tompkins:"Horodecki will be showing up in the WEC"

According to trainer Shawn Tompkins, MMA lightweight Chris Horodecki will be heading to the WEC. "It looks like Chris Horodecki will be showing up in the WEC," Tompkins revealed in a recent conversation. Although contracts have yet to be finalized, Tompkins seemed confident that a deal would be in place within the next couple of days.

 I think it's great WEC always seems to put on great fights. 

 I guess it should help fill out the WEC 155lb ranks, but I was really hoping Horodecki would end up challenging in DREAM and Strikeforce

good addition i wonder if he could make 145, but fights with Cerrone adn Razor Rob would be entertaining at 155

I don't think Horodecki could make 145. He's huge for 155.

 I would love a Grispi v. Horodecki fight.

 Horodecki VS. anyone is a must see fight, IMO=)


Dougie - I don't think Horodecki could make 145. He's huge for 155.


 I think he could make 145, but he's doing great so far at 155 so what's the point?

Dougie.. get off of Adrenalines nuts a little bit. Horodecki is not huge at all. Stout is way bigger.

Dougie - I don't think Horodecki could make 145. He's huge for 155.
I like Hordecki as well, but if hes kind of soft for 155. Hes doing great as it is so I dont see the need but I think once he starts facing the upper echelone of WEC's 155 division he will realize 145 may be worth a shot.

I see Varner, Henderson, and Cerrone all finishing him within a couple of rounds and those guy arnt going anywhere.


That cage will keep him from jumping through the ropes. :)

Hordecki is a beast but lol @ the guy making 145!! He swells up to 200lbs when he's out drinking fucking way the guy can make 145.

looking forward to seeing Hominick back in the mix as well. Always an entertaining fighter.

Great addition to the WEC. Congrats!

"cause he seems as soft as a jelly donut... "

-Roll with him and you will have a different opinion

Ha, Baleia. I was thinking the same thing, then read your post.

I agree with Dougie as well, I don't see Chris making 145 either.