Tonight is lebron’s career defining game imo

And fittingly comes against the Suns. Why? Cause I remember 15 years ago watching the Suns beat the brakes off the lakers in game 7 and first time I ever saw Kobe mentally check out of a game. If Suns win tonight I only see it by an ass beating as well. Lakers win game 7 if they win tonight but i need to see what lebron is made of tonight. He has every reason to write off this year, with injury to AD and knowing KD and the Nets are waiting even if they got to finals


And I told my brother at work that AD would play but would leave again in 1st with injury. This is it lebron. Hero or zero time

Can someone explain to me how you watch basketball? Someone scores every 5 seconds right? Do you cheer everytime they score a basket? Or do you just not pay attention until the last 2 minutes?

Each team scoring like 50 times in a game just makes it completely meaningless each time they score.

Reminds me of like Nascar or something. I don’t fucking get it.

I grew up playing basketball so the first time I saw a hockey & soccer game I thought the same thing except exact opposite.


If you have to ask that question then you wouldnt understand the answer. I’ll play along though. Change basketball to mma and scoring to hitting then read what you said.


Not counting out lakers yet but there’s gonna be some fun offense crazy games in the west

The NBA is a bastardized version of basketball its brutal.

Atleast in college people attempt to play defense or grab an offensive rebound.


The entire time watching MMA you’re waiting to see if someone gets knocked out or submitted. This can only happen once in a match, not 50 times for each one. Sure you could say a punch is equal to a basket… But where is the knockout? The submission? I guess it’s more accurate to compare it to point karate than MMA.

Except nobody is standing around in a hockey game… well, past February anyway.

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They skate around.

If you don’t find hockey faster than soccer, I don’t know what to tell you. Football ? American…it’s been documented in 60 minutes of clock there’s like 12 minutes of action …

I like soccer, hockey, baseball, football and basketball and I like that they’re all different paces and timing.

But hate the Goonies… Poopy flavored lollipop…

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I’m gonna defend my decision til the end

Now go watch gremlins 2

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Lol I actually like both. But my first love was basketball, it was just the thing where/when I grew up. Now I won’t even watch the NBA though because of their bullshit politics & 3 ball.

You do you bro…but you’ll never live it down…

College basketball is unwatchable these days. One and done killed it. It’s almost as bad as watching womens basketball sometimes since there are very players that can create their own shot.

I meant it in a genuine way and no one has answered me yet. Like what’s the crazy moment in a basketball game when everyone cheers?

Like in hockey and soccer it’s when they score. Every point is a huge moment. In football a touchdown is a huge moment. All of these games can end with 1 or 2 scores sometimes 0 so scoring is a big deal, it’s exciting. In MMA when someone gets knocked out that’s fucking thrilling.

Just wondering what’s the equivalent moment in basketball? Like what do you watch for? Is it all just about last 2 mins? Or some highlight reel dunk? Like what’s the special moment in a basketball game. There can’t be 100 moments in a game.

Basketball and soccer are for fags

NBA is more about momentum, swings and individuals getting hot.