Tonight = "The Gabe Show" !!!!

looking forward to another entertaining night of TUF, hopefully he fights tonight.

"the gabe show" is great!

he cuts that weight every time he fights.

I wonder if he'll get hit in the bread basket again?

^^^ He had more than one day's notice. he knew he'd be fighting at that weight for the show. LoL.

I predict Gabe will not fight at all.

dat's one soff ass stomach


"I predict Gabe will not fight at all."

Wow what a bold prediction.


I can't wait for more antics tonight with immediate follow-up on the forum.

I predict Gabe will not fight at all."
Wow what a bold prediction.

Someone said they hoped Gabe would fight i just said i doubted Gabe will fight, I don't see him being able to make wieght right now. How is that a bold prediction?

Gabe is to dangerous to be chosen so soon in the show. That's my oppinion anyway.

Anything else is just smart editing to try and create drama.

I predict he'll blow the opportunity of a lifetime and not make weight.

Gabe by ref stopage.

I can't wait to see Andy Wang fight!! And Joe Lauzon!!


ttt for tubby and his jealousy issues.

Andy Wang stated... "I typically walk around at 180 lbs. and start dieting two months before an event. On the show, I showed up at 172 lbs., thanks to BJ and Reagan started drinking 1.5 gallons of water a day and within about a week was walking around at 163 lbs. You had to be ready to make weight on two days notice so there was no time to really fool around.

Off the top of my head, Nate Diaz, Brandon Melendez, Gabe and me were all around 170 or so when the season started."

Comish, please remove your tongue from Gabe's ass and come back to reality.

Next... please remove the pacifier from your mouth, and ask your mommy if you can post on the UG again.

His mommy can't speak right now...nevermind...