Tonight We May Witness Something Spectacular...

What is it?

When Sinead O'Connor sings Conor McGregor in tonight, amidst the hypnotic roar of the crowd, and you see this man's face transfixed with the fearless totality of conviction - that he is fulfilling his purpose for the greater glory Ireland - you will get a rare glimpse of a person in a state of almost mystical ecstasy.

It will be palpable.

Probably not unlike that of a great military general before going to war knowing the outcome of the battle before hand---he will win!

It's a recognition one has that fate and destiny have converged in a particular individual at a particular time and place.

That's all I can say.

We've never seen a weigh in so massively attended. The atmosphere was highly-charged and electric. Conor was breathing the spirit of it all into himself--deeply...

I won't be there but I can almost guarantee that people in this man's presence, particularly the Irish, will probably themselves feel enraptured: like they just experienced something rare, perhaps even great.

You can see how elated and impressed Mendes is with the whole spectacle so far.

He seems to recognize that he's part of something unusual, something that goes merely beyond him and McGregor and touches the Zeitgeist itself...


It's unlikely... But there is a chance we might see something special tonight. Can you imagine CM getting that belt placed around his waist? Phone Post 3.0

Yes go CM!!! Phone Post 3.0

Oh and settle down its a fist fight lol Phone Post 3.0

That was the most eloquent nut riding post I think I've ever read. Phone Post 3.0

You had me at zeitgeist Phone Post 3.0

BubblesNS - You had me at zeitgeist Phone Post 3.0
Lololololololol Phone Post 3.0

For OP.  Blind.

"I'd rather see a humble wrestle boxer attempt to outpoint Aldo for 5 rounds!!!" Phone Post 3.0

Conor is entering on a horse.

As The Rubber Bandits perform "Horse Outside". Phone Post 3.0

He's got a lot of crow to eat if he loses lol.   It's gonna be a great fight..  hopefully so good everyone wins


lionsoul - 

For OP.  Blind.

Thank you!

I only post links because I'm not a blue name...

If he absolutely smokes Chad tonight, I will be all in. Until then, it's been a bit too much hype for me, based on a track record doesn't yet warrant it IMO. But if he seals it, consider me a Conor fan 100%. Phone Post 3.0

Gonna be AWESOME!!!! Phone Post 3.0

The Weigh In was electric....yes the upcoming fights tonite can be a spectacular night so tuning in for that expectation

Oh, will SINEAD be singing NOTHING COMPARES, her all time classic or something else?

anyone privy to it