Tonights big game - update

West Ham 0-1 Liverpool HT



Fuck yeah!!



D Cisse 19

N Reo-Coker 46

D Cisse 54

Fight at 82 mins sees players from both sides sent off. Almost over.

You know your team's shit when Cisse scores twice.

LOL @ Cisse bagging a brace!

Hope that adds a couple of mil to his price when we flog him in the summer

This was the best possible result...we lost to both Bolton and Boro just before our FA Cup victories...Pardew planned this.

That fucking Garcia should be suspended for longer for going down like he'd been punched by Tyson. Pansy.

Any player going down like Arlovski just landed a combo on them should be suspended's the same with diving. YOU ARE CHEATING....what's the difference between cheating that way and cheating with steroids (for instance).

AND he wears a fucking hairband.