Tonight's Dinner

I thought some of my fellow S&C forum readers might be interested in what went down for dinner tonight in the Kellett household. A good 5-6 nights a week dinner is a big salad, usually with some kind of meat on top. Some nights, like tonight, we go with no meat at all. Depends on our mood. This is a great way to do things because the variety is endless: changing up the kinds of greens, veggies, fruit, nuts, etc. changes the experience. What we try to focus on is always getting lots of colour in there. It makes being 80%+ raw very, very easy and delicious. Anyway, here's what was in the salad bowl tonight (ingredients are organic whenever possible):
Spinach, arugula, fresh basil, alfalfa sprouts
Other veggies:
Cucumber, red onion, sweet grape tomatoes, radishes, alfalfa sprouts
Tangerine, pear and apple slices
Flax seed meal, raw cashews, raw almond slivers

The dressing was made by squeezing 4 tangerines and half a lemon over the salad, as well as some extra virgin olive oil. We sprinkled the salad with generous amounts of kelp, dulse, and sea lettuce. Then we added some crumbled goat cheese. On top of that we added grilled portabella mushrooms (grilled in lemon, EVOO, and lots of garlic).

We had a rough weekend with a long ass modeling gig on the road yesterday and a bunch of one-on-one training with clients today. This salad was delicious and a REAL pickmeup. You'll feel amazing, and totally satisfied after a meal like this. Try it out!

THat sounds great but were do you buy all of that?

Nuts I buy in bulk at the health food store (it can be tricky to find raw nuts at the grocery store). Ditto with the kelp, dulse and sea lettuce, but a shaker cost a couple of bucks and will last months. Herbs and sprouts are super easy to grow yourself and very, very cheap. Everything else came from the grocery store, and it is actually a great value when you break it down.

Sounds like a nice appetizer, what did you have for your second course?

Haha believe me, there is NO room for a second course after a meal like that. These are no side salads.