Tonights fights ED on TUF

Ed is going to walk through his opponnent I looked his record he has already fought 3 ufc fighters

He will be in the final with Kalib but Kalib will beat his ass

I can't wait to see him fight. He talks so much trash, lets see what he got.


on paper Ed is a bad mutha and having seen a few of his fights he is mos def a ferocious fighter.

...should be fun.

I don't think Ed really talks trash. I think he's confident. When I think trash talk... I think Solomon. Anyway, Ed does have a good record. He's fought some tough people. I think he's one of the few that really deserves to be on the show.

Now... I may change my mind after we see his fight tonight, but for right now I think he's going to be tough.

ttt for Ed Herman

How will the semifinals be set up?

Will it be random?

Ed's the real deal.

Ed better kick some ass after all the talking he's done.

Be ready for a surprise boys. I do not think short d*ck I mean fuse took that fight against Danny too seriously. Without giving anything away watch the fight.

OOHHH didn't anyone learn anything about the guys who talk the most fight the worst a.k.a. DAGGERR Salmon Rest in Peace ass munch. What about Leben in TUF ! same thing. I think this guy might be a toned down version of Chris Leben's twin.

TTT for another team punishment victory

Ron you are going to enjoy tonights show believe me.

Who's Ed fighting again??

Last night on TUF: Ed's GnP was ok. The elbows were rough. The standup... not so much. He looked ok hitting the focus mitts, but that's about it. Didn't look like he had good range with his striking. Maybe he was off for that fight, but he was not what he talks himself up to be. He has beaten some tough guys though, so you have to give him props for that.

Ed-Groves will be a good fight. I'll take Ed.

I don't what else Ed could've done. He got hit once, then dominated. I think at times and athlete ends up at the level of the competition and the competition wasn't really creating much of a fight.

A question-it seems that the 'striker' only fighters of late, Kit Cope, Marcus Davis, now Danny-they never commit to really strike in their fights. I would think better strategy would be to go out and let loose rather than be conservative and get taken down. You take away the puncher's chance if you don't throw.

That's true Fremont JC, the competition will sometimes make you look bad. Maybe that was the problem with Ed last night. I usually hate shit talkers, and he does talk shit, but for some reason I like his attitude and I hope he does well.