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They were a commie?

Might have been cotton.

I wouldnt be friends with a commie.

We gonna fite if you put that type of disrespect on my name.

Better dead than red.

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Cotton, I don’t fight. I’m a no frills kind of guy.

Safety first!

Which is good for you since I’m a far better fighter than you. If I was a fighter instead of a stamp and burlap collector.

Too small for your wrestling to be effective. Arms too short to stay away from my jab. You would get murked!

Real talk!

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Very possible. Are Cotton and Cheddar In the same Flyover state seeking the liberal utopia but no way out?

I’m in PA. I haven’t called in. I would but I work 3rd shift so it isn’t possible unless there is a weekend podcast.

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Oh now I heard it all. The guy who’s currently as fast as my pet turtle (who’s been dead for 15 years) would beat me up.

It’s a shame that I’m just a stamp collecting term life insurance enthusiast. Guess we’ll never know…

Well cheddar lives in the 209.

But I heard he sold his old phone to cotton and mailed it to him.

Fun show! Thanks for having me as a guest/hype man.

I’m working on my gun sounds!