Tonight's Reviews

Old Dominian Oak Barrel Stout - Pours black with a very nice head. Smells roasted with hints of vanilla and coffee/roasted grains. Tastes like a middle of the run stout, kind of roasty with slight bitterness, but finishes kind of sweet with hints of vanilla - this bump in complexity gives it brownie points.

Rogue American Amber - Pours a cloudy deep amber with a thick head that decided to stick around. Smells of fresh hops - the taste is dominated by hops, but it doesn't really let any of the malt shine. Kind of new to the style, but this beer was ok.

Rogue Hazelnut Ale - Pours a deep brown with not much head on it. Nose of sweet malts and nuts. The malt profile in this beer is very unique, and this beer definately derserves the Hazelnut name. There is a background of sweet crystal malts and chocolate malts that come together to really make it have a nutty profile - truely a great brown ale

I think the Morimoto Hazelnut Ale is the Hazelnut Brown Nectar in a different bottle.

I've been a big fan of the Hazelnut Brown for a years now. Great stuff.

I had a hazelnut at the Alpine brewery the other day. Definately a unique flavor, so I'll be making one soon enough :)