Tonite- Full Sail hopocity

Poured clear, light orange, no head at all. Kind of disappointing. Aroma is sharply lemon, unripe orange, and grapefruit. Taste is fairly strong, bracing hop bitterness, sour citrus, a touch of sweet malts. Light and well carbonated, finishes nice and dry. Lacks the depth of better pale ales, but very tasty nonetheless.


I've had a few, blech. Mendecino Blue Heron is pretty nasty, imo, and Ballast Point pale ale is just tasteless- tastes more like Sam Adams than a pale ale.

The Tommyknocker pale ale was about as bland as things can get

Oh, Reaper Pale Ale was just gross :(

OK, worst beer ever= the golden I made and just tasted. Holey sheet. Its really, really bad.


Ya, malolacto bacterial infection, so I'm learning. Really gross. Tastes like rancid milk.