Tonite's beer- Avery The Czar

I'm bad at this stout thing... The stuff is too subtle for me :) Anyway. Pours rather black, no head, no lacing, kinda like motor oil. Smell is subtly sweet and alcoholic, bit of anise and some other stuff. Dunno what it is. Mouthfeel is thinner than you would expect. Taste is mildly roasted, slightly coffee flavored, aaaand some other stuff I can't recognize. Tasty though! I've had better RIS's, but this one is still worth trying.


Have you had an of Avery's other stuff? it's widely available and relatively cheap here, but for some reason or a another I have yet to try any.

i've had the ipa, Ten (which was excellent), and Hog Heaven. All quite good.

oh, i've had the Beast Gran Cru as well, 22 oz's of 15.7% Belgian fury that one.