Tonites beer- Stone Old Guardian

Good stuff... First one I've had of the new recipe. Bottle, ~50deg F by the way. You can smell it as soon as the bottle is opened. A very fruity/citrucy/hoppy scent. Pours beautifully amber and clear, with a decent head for a BW. Taste is kick-your-butt right up front with sweet malts, a whole mess of hops, citrucy flavors, grapefruit alcohol and spicy! Definately a warm beer, the 10% packs a real kick on the way down. Very enjoyable to sip on for a looong time. Highly recommended. :)

wieghs in at 10.06%, overall 4.1/5

Jonwell, you seriously have a gift. See you soon

I liked it better than Bigfoot, but it didn't really do it for me . . .especially when I can buy Full Sail Old Boardhead cheaper at my local grocery.