tonite's reviews- many

Went to O'Briens tonite. I was supposed to take Don JM, but my phone has apparently decided to not work at all, so i wasn't able to get a hold of him :( Sorry JM.

I had, in order, Alpine Exponential Hoppiness on cask, SN Harvest ale, Alvery 14'er ESB and Russian River IPA. Also had a littel bit of the Hop 15 from Pizza port, courtesy of the dude next to me.

I'm drunk, so short ratings. Aline EH had the most pronounced hop aroma I've ever seen in a beer. Very tasty, rivals the best beers I've had. Lacks the polish of 3F Alpha King, but close otherwise. 4.3/5

SN Harvest- Not what I remember it as... probably was dimished after the Alpine beer. Still, great hop flavor and SN quality. 4.0/5

Avery 14'er. I feel bad rating this beer, it was outclassed not only by my beer, but by the spicy pepperjack burger I ordered (a solid 4.2 burger). Tasty tho, and no major defects. Won't rate.

Hop 15. Oily beer, is all I can describe this as. It's definately improves in the 6 months since I've had it. Fruity esters bring up strawberries, orange, grapefruit. Quite hoppy, yet sweet, more like a barleywine. 4.1/5

Russian River. I dont remember. I did enjoy it tho. good/5

Word. I'm drunk.

Fuck you/ No worries.

I'm really sorry JM :(