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IT’S SHOWTIME Heavyweight Tournament not in 2011

IT’S SHOWTIME Heavyweight Tournament not in 2011

We of IT’S SHOWTIME have decided not to organize our IT’S SHOWTIME Heavyweight Tournament, which would be held on March 6 (Final Elimination) in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam and May 21 (final) in the Amsterdam ArenA, and to postpone the tournament for a year.

The postponement is because we got to hear too late that we could organize an event in the Amsterdam ArenA next year. The time pressure would be too high for us to market such a new and big product very well.


On March 6 we will organize a great IT’S SHOWTIME event with beautiful match-ups in cooperation with FIGHTING STARS in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. Two of the great fights we present to you are Daniel Ghita vs IT’S SHOWTIME heavyweight champion Hesdy Gerges and Gago Drago vs Artur Kyshenko. In the coming week we will announce the other fights.

The presale for this event has started. If you already bought a ticket for this event because of the Final Elimination, then you can get your money back within 2 weeks if you like.


The IT’S SHOWTIME event on May 21, 2011 in the Amsterdam ArenA will once again be an event which we organize together with K-1. After two years we are pleased to announce this. The fight card as we have it in mind will be the most spectacular and maybe the best fight card ever. Also, there will be an 8 man heavyweight tournament on this event and the winner will be qualified for the Final Elimination (last 16 in Korea) of the K-1 Grand Prix.


Participants to the IT’S SHOWTIME contest for the best name of the IT’S SHOWTIME heavyweight tournament do not have to be afraid, because now we have a lot more time, the contest will be extended until March 1, 2011. All entries are still in the race and new entries are welcome until March 6 via (please mention “Contest heavyweight tournament” in the subject line).


We are also very delighted to announce that we will organize one of the most spectacular IT’S SHOWTIME events ever on July 23, 2011 in Sochi (Russia). This event will feature one of the best IT’S SHOWTIME fight cards ever. Sochi is also the city of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014.


At this event 8 fighters in the weight class -70kg will fight for the 1st prize. Apart from the usual wages, a fighter gets a €10.000 bonus after 1 victory, a €25.000 bonus after 2 victories and the winner will get a €50.000 bonus, on top of his wage.

Participants to this event are: Giorgio Petrosyan, Andy Souwer, Yoshihiro Sato, Gago Drago, Murat Direkçi, Dzhabar Askerov, Chris Ngimbi and Evgeniy Kurovskoy.


There will also be a number of superbouts, including Lhoucine ‘Aussie’ Ouzgni vs Artur Kyshenko and Hesdy Gerges vs Alexey Ignashov.


Upcoming IT’S SHOWTIME events are:

December 11, Athens (Greece)

December 18, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

March 6, 2011, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

March 26, 2011, Brussels (Belgium)

May 21, 2011, Amsterdam ArenA (The Netherlands)

July 23, 2011, Sochi (Russia)

Furthermore, we are far in our negotiations to organize events next year in Germany, England, Spain and Greece.

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