Tony Blauer in So.Cal.

Tony Blauer is making a rare trip to Southern California to do a shoot for Black Belt magazine and so he and Jerry Wetzel can meet regarding the Red Zone work shop Jerry will be conducting at Tony Blauer's Combatives camp this summer in New York.

While he is in town, we thought we'd set up a small workshop. For those who are unfamiliar with Tony Blauer's work, Mr. Blauer is one of the foremost authorities on the behavioral aspect of personal protection. His Contributions to the self defense, military, and law enforcement communities are too many to mention. For more info on Tony Blauer visit

We already have ten people pre-registered. Space is going fast. For more info or to pre-register and save a spot please visit our website at:


What will tony blauer be covering at the seminar?


From: Tony Blauer
+Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc., President
Date: 05/26/04 06:55 PM


Sorry for the delay been travelling.

Since we only have 3 hours, the session is will reivew soe of the SPEAR
System principles & then shift right into the essential drills that make
the SPEAR reliable under pressure (hour 1) then, in honor of Jerry's RED
ZONE DVD's Im going to get into some knife principles (controlling the
blade drills for once you have made contact) (hour 2)...the last hour will
be determined by the energy of the group, by I had planned on some
of our groundfighting vs armed assailent drills.

It'll be a nice blend of close quarter, knife, ground.

Hope that helps. Contact Jerry if youre intersted, give him a call (see
his website), Im having trouble emailing him not sure what's up.


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Well shoot...I missed it. :-(