Tony C. Catch DVDs on sale now

From: Paul Viele
Date: 04/22/04 08:03 AM
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We have just professionally converted the original masters of Tony Cecchines 10 volume CatchWreslting set to DVD. This is a 4 volume DVD set with chapter breaks for each technique. These are of course real DVD-Video and are region free to play anywhere in the world. The retail price of the ten tape video set and the new DVD set is $199.99. However, for my friends at MMA.TV, I am going to offer a limited time only sale for $99.00 plus shipping. This comes out to $10 per tape. This is not a pre-order sale, the are completely in stock and ready for shipping. When checking out, use the special discount code, "Catch". Do not use the quotes, just the word. You will receive $100 off at check out.


Wow indeed. Thanks Andrew,

I have been umming and ahhing over whether I can afford to get these for a while. (The Aussie dollar doesn't buy very many greebbacks)

You've made my day. What do you reckon the lead time to Australia would be?


I don't know anything about it, I'm just reposting it. Ask Paul Viele on the thread "Catch Wrestling DVD Sale!" on the BJJ forum.

...and i shouldn't post or more worryingly, buy things on the internet when I am dead tired and can't read properly.

Anyway, ttt for Tony C. The material I have seen on his wristlock seminar disk is excellent. I look forward to getting the rest.
Cheers all,


Are you ever gonna practice with us in Venice?


you can also buy directly from tony and let him make the $ vs viele.

Whats the difference? Just the packaging? I think Paul is selling it cheaper as of right now?

the diff is who makes the money. tony's my friend and mentor so i do commercials for him.

10-4, good luck buddy


put money in tony's pocket.  he worked for it.  plus, as i understand it, they never had an understanding regarding DVD sales, only tapes, and paul's just trying to undercut tony.

Buy from Viele and Tony gets nothing.

he doesn't need tony's permission, but he never consulted tony about dvd sales and just decided to undercut tony.

viele knows that this is how tony makes money, but the bottom line it that viele does not give a fuck. 


"viele knows that this is how tony makes money"

Isn't that how Viele makes his money as well? I mean Viele produced the series so I guess he has every right to sell them doesn't he? Jeez

viele makes his money by undercutting the guy who made the tapes?  especially when viele never put out dvd's until now?  hey, if you support that, more power to you.  just stay away from me.

be gone, troll

Wrestlingrick: Welcome to


Viele doesn't have to ask for the right to put out a product he already has rights to on a different format. Maybe tony should have thought of that and maybe you should stop running Viele down for conducting a good business.

Holy Shit! $99.00? Is this offer still good? Do you accept money orders? How much is shipping? I'll order them.

Nice of STH to remove some of my posts after he calls me a troll for making intelligent posts! Seriously who made you a mod?