Tony DeSouza

UFC vet Tony DeSouza contacted FCF from Peru and Brazil. I know a few of you ask for him on here from time to time. Check out the awesome pic he sent and the latest on him at (click news)

I actually took that pic, Tony felt very close to his ancient Inka warriors in Macchu Picchi. He chose to run up the temples for training.

Scott Adams

wow, great picture

Great picture. Tony is a tough dude who trains is ass off. I would like to see him back fighting soon. Go Peru! :)

awesome Scott. I love that pic!

Glad to see your show is blossoming well-- quite a card for the 22nd.


ttt for the pic and weekend warriors

That whole visa situation must've been really frustrating...

That's a neat pic but I hope there weren't other people around there. They must've been like WTF?

I hope Tony can make it back to the states some day. I though he had real potential.

WOW! What a background.

i met Tony once at a club, he was a cool cat and way down to earth, he is crazy talented, lets hope he gets back to the states soon....