"Tony Fauci deserves to be under criminal investigation" - Tucker


Exactly what I said happened. You are completely unstable.

^ get a room

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he’s playing them almost as well as you play the skin flute!

Conspiracy theorists knew all this a long time ago.

Fauci moved the experimentation with viruses from North Carolina to Wuhan.

And then continued funding them.

Why is the media so far behind conspiracy theorists when it comes to getting the truth out?

Fauci should have been in jail months ago.


Even a broken clock is right twice per day

Under the Biden administration i am sure that Fauci and the CCP will get commendations and medals for their handling of the Covid pandemic instead of facing any consequences for it.

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If they need a fall guy, it will be Fauci since he served under Trump and they will just say Trump made him do it. If no fall guy is needed, Fauci will be Time Man of the Year and get a Nobel Peace Prize.

They also didn’t get it right. They propagated all kinds of inane anti-vaxx tripe, big-Pharma conspiracies, intentional bio weapon conspiracies, and virus smuggling nonsense. None of it was centered on a possible accidental lab leak, reckless research protocols, and a subsequent coverup. Even now, with evidence of a real conspiracy in their faces, they’re still conflating it with conspitarded nonsense, which muddies the waters and makes it very difficult for any normal person to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

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every time I ask what anti-vaxer means I never get an answer lol

Someone that is against all vaccines.

I don’t take issue with anyone who is hesitant to get this vaccine. I ultimately think they’re wrong but I understand and empathize with their rationale. I do take issue with people claiming COVID-19 is not real, the pandemic was not real, COVID-19 was engineered as a bio weapon or by Big-Pharma to make vaccine profits, that the vaccine has not had a huge impact on reducing COVID-19 illness and deaths, and more of the usual.

Basically being and idiot conspirard?

I love when Easy makes aggressive posts about the lack of intelligence in others with multiple misspellings.



The Simpsons GIF

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That is the best you have?


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