Tony Green to fight in Cage event

I have signed to fight in early Sept in a cage event on the Sunshine Coast that will be announced in the near future. I was made aware that Rocki Huni challenged me after his last win at fight club. The promoter of the Sunny Coast event will give Rocki the opportunity to fight me on his show.

While I fully support the XFC 100% personal reasons make me unavailable to fight Rocki on the XFC show. I have spoken to the XFC promoters regarding this and we are in full understanding and exceptance of the situation.

I am not sure how Rocki stands contractually regarding my acceptance of his challenge, but it is only the honourable thing to do to give him this opportunity that he has requested.

Cool, never seen either fighter but looks to be very even in height and weight. Got a feeling these guys might need a cage to keep them both in the ring!
Who is the promotor of this event?

good luck Tony, will be an interesting change fighting in a cage

Shane Balmer. A long time fan of MMA. Used to run all the club security on the Sunshine Coast. A top bloke that is happy to get along and fit in with all the promoters of MMA in Australia. I am doing all I can to help him as his no.1 priority is to keep the fighters happy and promote MMA on the Sunshine Coast.

Hey Tony,

Best of luck with the cage mate, I'm envious. One of my MMA goals is to compete in a cage.

I spoke to Shane by phone this morning and he seemed like a genuinely good bloke. Great to add a caged event to the other flourishing shows in Australia.

If you have an email for Shane, could you post it to, would be much appreciated.



is he still looking for fighters to fill his card or is it already all worked out?

Who else is on this card?

Early September eh? hmmmmmmmmm

I heard a couple of names mentioned for the main event.


you have mail

Good luck to Tony in the event. Unfortunately Aug 13 didn't work for Tony where he was offered Rocki. Who knows what the future holds though as Rocki has joined the growing list of XFC exclussive's and Tony is always welcome on our shows.

Fans can look forward to the man I describe as XFC'S Tank ABBOTT (HUNI) face James TEHUNNA on August 13. Api HEMARA & Dave FRENDIN shall also rematch on that card.

HUNI v HEMARA is also just around the corner and I know that match is going to be WAR!


Sounds like a subtle message that some boys won't be allowed to play in the new boys sandpit... ;-)

You'll see some XFC fighters at the event so I don't know if that will be the case. The XFC will only benefit from some of its fighters kickin ass in this event and to this date have been supportive. Just a bit hard to find all fighters from other promotions.

This may be my last fight (never say never) so I wanted to give Rocki the chance to fight since thats what he said he wanted to do. If not It will be someone else.

We are looking for some names to be put forward to fight one of Australias best 77 kg fighters. Email me if you have a suitable opponent in mind.

Also a novice at 72 kg and a tough 87 kg fighter record 2-0.

ttt. good luck tony


tony, whos going to be the referee in the cage event?