Tony in Maxim magazine...

At least he's not posing in the centerfold. Yuk!


Check it out.

Believe me I tried to pose, I volunteered to put on a
bikini if I would be in a layout with their other
models...but alas my wife and their editor scoffed
and shut my plan down, I was forced to participate
in the interview on terrorism.

Thanks Fletch.


I'll have to pick that up

Is it still available? I'll have to head for the bookstore if it is...

Hi guys,

It is the June 2002 issue. It has Jerri Ryan in a hot looking black outfit. None of my teachers ever looked like that.

When you get it, open up to the article. Bend the magazine back and jump on it a few times. When your wives/girl friends's ask "why do you have Maxim?" It should fall open right to the article. At least that's my strategy.

Hal Pierce

As far as I'm concerned - Tony + Jerri = two good reasons to buy the magazine

It looks like I missed the issue. Will the article be on the website?

No, that article wont be up, unfortunately. Its runs
in too many direcitons to warrant going in our
posted archives section.