Tony Lopez Tapes

Anybody own the Tony Lopez instructionals from panther video's? Worth buying or would you recommend another set?

Forgot to mention that the tape set is combat sambo

I have the following from that set:
Vol.3(Leg, Ankle, and Foot locks)
Vol.4(Armbar and Wrist locks)
Vol.5(leglock and Armlock Fighting Combos)
Vol.6(Chokes, Headlocks, & Neck Cranks)
Vol.7(Throws, Sweeps, & Takedowns)
Vol.8(Street Self-defence)
Vol.9(Street Fighting Dirty Tricks)
Vol.10(Defensive Ground Fighting)
Vol.11(Offensive Ground Fighting)

Now, I should start by saying that I am a Judo/Jiujitsu guy and do not claim to know very much about Sambo. I also have never given a review before but I'll give it my best for ya.

Vol.3 Leglocks- When I first got this tape I thought that it was good,then I got Igor Yakimov's Leglock set(See last paragraph). As a Judo player, I have never seen some of the techniques in this tape. Tony breaks the techniques down into ankle, knee locks and has quite a few. However there is a lot of replay of the same technique, and his partner is just sitting there, which we all know will not be the case when you try them.

Vol.4 Armbars- This tape was not as usefull it shows basic armlocks that any groundfighter with any experence should know. The wristlock part of the tape is ok, but again very basic if you have any ground knowlage, and again his partner is just sitting there, which we all know will not be the case when you try them.

Vol.5 Leg lock and Arm lock combos- This tape is just plain garbage. USE CAUTION!!! Dont waste the $$$$!!!! This tape takes you through a high speed form (like a karate form but on the ground with arm and leglocks)that has no use at all. Tonys partner is the most friendly "BAD GUY" ever and if you think that any of this crap would work as he shows it you are nuts. His goal is to show how his locks flow from lock to lock, but its really junk!

Vol.6 (Chokes/Neckcranks)- This tape again had nothing really knew for me I got these tapes hoping to find something that I had never seen before that Sambo might offer, and it was not the case. Tony works basic chokes and neck cranks.

Vol.7 (Throws)- This tape goes over basic throws that are also in Judo, and wresteling, but when he does the throw he'll take the arm, or neck and twist it so the throw will "SNAP" or break the limb. Had some usefull street applacation, but nothing here for tournie time.

Vol.8&9 (Street Self-defence/Dirty Street Fighting)- Tape 8 looks at wepon defence, against you the unarmed. Shows basic disarming of a stick, knife, and gun. If you have had any self-defense classes this is what you might expect to get out of the class.

Tape 9 looks at the "Dirty Tricks" of street fighting. Takes techniques in the above tapes and adds fishhooking, eyegouge, hairpulling etc... but still real basic.

Vol. 10/11 (Ofenseive & Defenseive Groundfighting)
These two tapes takes the techniques in tapes 3,4,5,& 6 and puts them in a "How to use" sequence. Tony will set up a situtation like "Ok, lets say you have your partner in your gard,... he will then take you through how to do a move that he shows you in the above tapes, insted of just setting his partner in the position to do the move. There are some things that I got from this tape but it was all involving leglocks, most everything else was basic stuff.

Well thats my two cents. I will say this, if you are looking for a good Sambo series, you can do a lok better. My advice, skip the Cambat Sambo from Panther, mine just colects dust, and get the Igor Yakimov's Russian Leglocks and Ultimate Armbar series. They are the best set that I have ever seen on Russian Sambo Leglocks and Armbars (altho they dont clame to be the "COMBAT" style and focus on the sport, there still worlds better then Tony's).

Hope this is what your looking for .
Good Luck!

if you want real combat sambo tapes try

The Tony Lopez tapes really did let me down. Some portions of the tapes are hilarious to say the least, I remember on the offensive groundfighting tape he says something to the effect of: "from the mount position, simply reach down his pants, and grab his testicles". On most of the tapes, he talks about his moves being "authentic" to combat sombo, but any novice wrestler, judo, or bjj player is well versed in the "authentic" techniques that he shows. He seems like a great guy, but personally I didnt like the tapes.

Madman if you're looking for Sambo then Igor Yakimov is the way to go.

Depends on what your needs are.

I know both Tony and Jesse, one of the two guys he demos on in the tape. Use to have some shots of Jesse with our team on our old website, haven't seen either in awhile though. I'd like to talk to Tony again...........oh well......anyway.

The Lopez tapes are very good for a person without alot of experience. They do a great job of breaking down and detailing holds. Tony explains things like a school teacher, which he is. Very easy to understand. There are some hidden gems in there too. I wouldn't say that an advanced grappler will gain alot from them.

Tony Lopez is a crazy S.O.B., judging by the tape on Armlock and Leglock combinations, which I have. I have never seen anything funnier than this tape.

He begins by talking about how you need to follow up your attacks. "I'm going to do the 'Tony Lopez Combo' on Tommy here, and every time he taps, that's something being broken.'" Then he does a 45-tap combination on the guy (no exaggeration, I counted) which is shown from countless angles in slow motion. This eats up the first 15 minutes or so of the tape. Then he spends the rest of the tape explaining what the hell he did at the beginning, but without ANY explanation of each move--he assumes you know all the moves, and just wants to show you the order in which he does them.

The tape concludes with a HILARIOUS bit about how you can't count on one submission to take someone out, because when he was shot down behind enemy lines, he went for three days with a broken knee, broken shoulder, and deaf in his left ear. It reminds me of stories my grandpa tells about walking to school in 6 feet of snow!

I watch this tape when I need a laugh. I learned one (1) actual move from it.


Sounds like that is not what I'm looking for. I do have Igor Yakimov's Ultimate Arm bars series and liked it alot. Anybody seen his 100 lesson's of sambo?



Although I assure you that Tony isn't "crazy" I agree that your money can probably be better spent.

"crazy" triple post