Tony on TV

a friend from Boston called to tell me this too!! He isnt even interested in self defense or mma or police stuff, but since i talk so much about the training Ive recieved from Tony that even my non-LEO/Mil friends recognize him!!!! I cant afford cable, so I didnt get to see it! is it going to be available through TCMS? Id really like to see it!!!!!

I, too saw this spot: I had never before seen the man in motion, and I was impressed.

I was watching a show on Channel 5 (Fox) last week, I think it was "Scariest Police Video's" anyway, I saw Tony do a 2-minute explanation of some LEO techniques and concepts. I just wanted to say, it was great, it left me wanting more.
So Tony Have you or do you ever get any offers to do documentaries on TLC or a channel like that.