Tony Robbins: Mayweather spends $75mil+ per year

On the heels of James Toney being forced last year to sell many of his belts, awards and other prized possessions; it's important to talk to young, up and coming athletes about why Mayweather Jr. finds himself in a position to get that chin tested by a 28 year old mean McGregor.
Tommy Hearns was the first boxer to win 5 titles in 5 different divisions. His estimated career earnings are over $40 million. Years ago he had to auction his sports memorabilia also.
Make no mistake about it Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going broke and at a rapid rate. I said this a couple years ago immediately after he was paid for the Pacquiao fight and was scoffed at by basic bitches that don't understand athlete augmentation or the fact that some of us have firsthand familiarity with such situations.
Floyd Sr. has said himself that he fears Floyd will go broke.
We have now entered that reality. In the summer of 2014 Mayweather Jr. was seeking the counsel of a lawyer to file for bankruptcy. The Pacquiao and Berto fights bought him time to the tune of $250+ million dollars.
Time has run out.
Floyd and his delusional fanbase of vicariously living symbiotes have lived by the attitude that he can "always take one more fight" if need be. With McGregor it's the perfect storm of salvation, an up and coming fighter that has been able to reach and now eclipse Floyd's own star. An amateur boxer, who has no professional boxing bouts, but would be able to garner Floyd the largest payday of his career.
But ultimately Conor McGregor is nothing more than a carrot dangled by a magician for a silly wabbit, a real master of the fight game: Dana White. 
A reminder that a bellhop from Boston that used to hold his bags would get the last laugh. A parting shot from Benny Blanco to a man that kicked him down a flight of stairs. 
There's a reason that Dana White hasn't spent a dime of his $200 million. He's a betting man and he's playing the long game. The game that says time is running out on "Money" Mayweather.
Floyd will fight in the UFC and he will fight MMA rules against McGregor.
For that will be the lasting legacy of Mr. White. The man who conquered Floyd Mayweather Jr. and forced him to bare his feet bottoms for the world in a cage.
UFC will probably pay Floyd $20 million or so, a somewhat paltry sum compared to what he has grown accustomed. Garnished and gone before he touches it.

Lol , I Feel Real Bad For The Guy


The boxer was expecting to make a profit after reportedly paying $3.5 mil for the whip ... but that's not how things went down.


We're told the reserve on the car (the lowest number he would agree to sell the car for) was $2 million ... and the highest bid was still $100,000 short of that. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler had expressed interest in the car, but clearly, things didn't work out. 




In other news, some female celebrity has cellulite.

Conor is aspiring to be like this idiot, wouldnt be surprised if it eventually happens to him too

What are the costly items to avoid as an athlete?
Everything that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has in spades.
High end jewelry. These are some of the highest marked up items on the planet, they also hold very little intrinsic value.
Luxury vehicles. The depreciation can't be understood by most, but coupled with cost of ownership this is a surefire way to waste it all fast.
Women. "Floyd Mayweather being sued by mother of his children for $20 million after Katie Couric interview" #Alimony #shoppingsprees
Gambling. Posting the winning bet slip feels tremendous. But nobody gets to see the massive losses. Those big beautiful casinos are not built on winners. Floyd is a degenerate gambler.
Money Managers. Most of these guys aren't even skilled with their own money, yet they want to invest yours?  Lots of management are interested in wetting their beak off your talent, make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial.
Hanger on family. Oh you need to pay for this and you need to make sure you take care of that. Really?!
Remember that everything is taxed at a ridiculous rate. I fucked up on a 1099 in my first years of paying taxes and got into tax issues.
Let's look forward to the Mayweather Estate Auction and the opportunity to own some of the coolest memorabilia around.
What diehard combat sports fan doesn't want to own one of these belts?
Not really.
This is a repetition of honest history that has played out AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Allen Iverson lost his $150 million in career earnings like it was nothing. Vin Baker blew $100 million and works @ Starbucks. Tyson famously ran through $400 million. The list is endless and much longer than the list of wealthy athletes that kept it all.
NFL QB Roger Staubach did not make an enormous amount during his playing career($25,000 a year to start and less than $1mil salary per year at his peak), but as a self made real estate mogul he has a net worth of over $600 million.
nasthefad - 

Conor is aspiring to be like this idiot, wouldnt be surprised if it eventually happens to him too

It wouldn't be surprising if Conor has spent every dollar he has made in his career.

These credit companies are often predatory, they are willing to float these guys astronomical credit lines based on future earnings that may or may not happen.

But McGregor is 28 years old with much of his fighting prime left with constant opportunity for financial gain as the hottest sports star on the planet. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is turning 40 years old and boxing is his only reliable revenue stream in accordance with his spending habits. Any interest or returns on investment are irrelevant in comparison to his spending.

Listen closely 7-9 seconds in.


lol this is such bullshit

Floyd "had money" Mayweather

If Floyd has a modicum of intelligence and self-control he won't go broke.

fightfan94 - lol this is such bullshit


Trolling is a serious real life skill. Being big league at this can land one the highest office in the land.  The Tony Robbins bait and switch is something that you, nor Floyd could see comin with that lack of foresight.
POW! right in the kisser kid. 



As humans we tend to oversimplify complex situations.

Is Floyd going broke? Of course. Is he going broke right this second? Maybe not.

I'm not hating on Floyd for discussing the realities of an athlete spending lavishly as he does.

The only way to prevent this is if we stop glorifying extreme excess.

We have to stop supporting the possibility of McGregor/Mayweather.

It's a freak show. The same freak show that got Floyd into this mess to begin with.

I never thought I'd hear that someone isn't touching any of their fortune because they're a betting man, but here we are.

Floyd has one thing money can't buy though. A legacy as arguably the greatest boxer who ever lived.

Some more music.

In memory of Floyd's money.


Whambo - I never thought I'd hear that someone isn't touching any of their fortune because they're a betting man, but here we are.


The future is now

CRE, you're a true visionary


Floyd had said so himself in interviews that he blew all his money before the next bout! Was it just for shock who knows.

I mean, so simple to invest 40% of your money for long term assets and Real Estate, live on 20% (of multi million dollars here, remember) and use 40% for all the showboating-gambling-attention whoring they so crave. No need to go 100%!

Floyd biggest fight will never be in the ring. It will be after he retires and his foe will be the American people. The people who all want to see him go broke.

People love to list boxers who went broke and use that as evidence that Floyd wI'll go broke aswell but love to turn a blind eye to the boxers who still have their money or more.

For every boxer you name who went broke you can find one who's still got money.