Tony Romo stopped at the goaline

What a finish. 4th an goal cowboys down by 8. Romo decides to run it in and stopped at the 1 by ernie simms and company. What a way to lose.

BTW...Kitna played like he was all world today

Since Greg Ellis went down in Arizona...Dallas D has given up over 21 points in every game. No pass rush...jacked up secondary...we are a agency any1?

AND GO BACK TO THE 4-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We actually got the QB hurried and sack...whoa TUNA...logic eh???

Looks like the convoy is trying to back it's way into the SB. I'm afraid the boys will be one and done in the playoffs.

Off season they got to retool that O LINE. The weapons are there on the RBs/Receivers/Tight Ends...make pass protection a top priority. On Defense...they need another pass rusher and decide whether to stick to the 3/4 or go back to the 4/3...and get a quality free safety.

ok ok.....stop!!!

The Cowboys are in "the tournament"!

The secondary is the big issue. As well as the pass rush.

I look at it the way so many other people that have been right over the years....

Offence wins games!

Defense wins Championships!

Dallas has a chance....and that is all any other team in "the tournament" has right now.

One and done!....all the teams are in the same boat!

The Dallas Defense will have to make the Superbowl run...the Offence will score points!



Need to get a better, more consistent pass rush (seems like this is a problem every single year.)

And the O-line needs upgrading. They should never have let Larry Allen go.

Once again he is punked at the goaline. unbelievable

I find it funny how the commentators were gushing over Tony Romo's "poise" when he fumbled the ball in his own end zone but somehow was able to grab it and toss the ball to TO... A QB with poise doesn't fumble the ball unforced in his end zone, period.

Granted, he's young, but god damn. I wouldn't be surprised if he never fully recovered from tonight.

Jerry Jones fucked up spending 2 million on a kicker...OUCH.

any other qb wouildve sacrificed himself to the ends n made the td there where ROmo will never get over this one