Tony Siragusa passed away

Lol! Its a ball game you fucking weirdo!

He always seemed likable. I remember he acted for a while and he had a small role in 25th Hour. I love that movie.



Siragusa enjoyed his biggest moment on a quarterback hit. In the 2000 AFC Championship Game, Siragusa took out Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, driving the All-Pro into the turf and separating his left shoulder. The Ravens went on to beat the Raiders 16-3 to advance to the Super Bowl.

“I saw Rich’s eyes roll back,” Siragusa said at the time. “He got every pound of my fat ass on him.”

Fuck that fat fuck

Well he was like 375 lbs.

His dad passed early too. RIP

Years ago someone here posted that they knew him, said he was a real cunt in real life. A grown up bully, apparantly.

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Best season of Hard Knocks was the first one and Goose was one of the standouts. RIP.

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This thing is taking out athletes like Tony so imagine what it does to regular slobs who haven’t dedicated their lives to peak physical performance.

The first season of Hard Knocks was the Ravens. It was damn good . Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe, Tood Heap, and Goose we’re the focus. I remember it well.

Yeah that team was a bunch of criminals and thugs

Giant fat dudes don’t live very long. More at 10’oclock.

Wasn’t that the team with Ray “The Killer” Lewis on it?

I’ll raise you: I remember him from this team:

not blocked by YT:



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No homoerotic tones here.

He’s got the viper put away…

Man the raiders are cursed.

It was the season after the tuck rule. One season later, they face their architect in the SB. Fuck that fat fuck. THAT was the year

The tuck that pissed me off.

I remember Captain Comeback well.