Tony Sylvester BIG P*SSY

Tony Sylvester Backed out of KOTC 10/23 in Dayton Ohio this weekend.. I was a last minute replacment for my team mate Rob Constance... I haven't fought since June of '03... Tony if your read this I want you to know that you are the biggest pussy ever backing out a day and a half before the fight because you didn't want to fight me... you knew you were going to get your Ass kicked... I'll fight you anytime anywhere. We all know what your made of...

I'll kick your ass for free now

grabs front row seat for goal kick

so your guy backed out and then he backed out and hes a pussy but your guy isnt? I dont understand the logic.

I am a little frustrated.. your probably right. I could of handle in a more mature fashion.. But I didn't. I don't know anything about him as a person.. But what he did shows alot about him he's 3-0 I'm 1-1 if he was confident in his ability as a fighter he would have fought..

So thats why he chose not to fight me.. Because I'm a good grappler... To me it sounds like he was afraid to fight me Saturday night..

While were on the subject of me you can look at my website.

quit trying to use the manny reyes school of hype and stop being a dumb dick.

calling him a pussy and knowing nothing about the guy makes you look like an asshole. its not cool to pull out of an event like that, but maybe he had a good reason for it.

I called him a pussy because he's been training for the fight for a while now.. I took the fight on a Weeks notice without training for it. And it seems to me that he is afraid of me..

Maybe my calling him a pussy is a little ignorant on my part. I'm just a little frustrated thats all. Tony if you want to fight me on the next card thats fine with me. I'm alwayes willing..

JWhite, What weight were you guys supposed to fight at???

its ok to be frustrated J.
i'm sure you'll get your chance to fight him soon enough. just keep training and use that anger man.

Its not always a BAD thing not to take a fight if you know nothing about your oppnent or if it is a different fighting style that you were training for. I'm sure that Corey and the KOTC will give you guys a shot at each other on another card. Take care and train hard!!!

Maybe he didn't want to "possibly" flaw his record by fighting a guy he knew nothing about or trained for. I'm sure he's not afraid of you. Just be patient and wait until the next show. You never know, you might wish you didn't take the fight when it gets here. You never know, pimpin!!

David Vitkay He's 240.. I'm 260lb.

Ray I'm a purple belt under Renzo Gracie I'm 1-1 as a pro. I'm 2x Pan-American Jiu Jitsu Champion NAGC Champion. Multi Grapplers Quest Champion. I would I'm mostly a ground fighter. I would say I have pretty good standup.

Thanks White. I was just wondering what weight you guys were at because I am 205 right now. Nothing personal, I wasn't calling you out, I was just wanting to fight on this show really bad.

I've been thinking about this and the more I think about it, The more I feel as Tony Pussed out.. End of Story

Maybe we'll fight next time if you don't puss out