Tony the first Native American "Cowboy" has fought

This fights going to be a wagon burn.... Eh, I mean barn burner!!!

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Exciting fight,hard to cheer against either guy.

they're both awesome but I'm backing tony on this one.

It will suck to see one of them lose but will be a great fight while it lasts. Really wanted to see Cerrone make it to a title shot but I think Ferg will overwhelm him

Yeah I feel the same way.

dad strength Cerrone vs front flip ferg.


one for the ages... 

This fight is too good on paper to be true .. it someone will pull out 

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the dude lost to Michel Johnson and you consider him the GOAT lightweight ? go watch bj penn career pls, damn those casuals ...

I watched Penn’s career as it happened. Ferguson would have a 7 inch reach advantage over BJ and an unlimited gas tank.

Penn had the perk  of coming up in an era that was largely free of amateur athletes with a pedigree like Tony. In 2 of his last 3 fights Ferguson has defeated former UFC LW Champions that successfully defended when they were Champ.

“Ferguson was a three-sport athlete at Muskegon Catholic Central High School in football, baseball, and wrestling. He was the starting defensive back for the 2002 state football champions and was a three-time All-State selection in wrestling, winning the 152-lb division in 2002.

After high school, Ferguson enrolled at Central Michigan University before transferring to Grand Valley State University. He also did a stint at Muskegon Community College. He did not complete his degree, but had a successful collegiate wrestling career, winning the 2006 National Collegiate Wrestling Association national wrestling championship in the 165-lb division”



Some opponents that Penn fought had wrestling backgrounds, but most weren’t elite like Tony, they didn’t excel and they weren’t already Champions coming into training MMA. Only Matt Hughes and Jens Pulver were, Hughes was able to TKO Penn in his prime and Pulver was the first to defeat him. 


“The summer before he entered sixth grade, Pulver was introduced to a friend of the family, Jack Vantress. Vantress encouraged Pulver to join a youth wrestling program. He went on to wrestle at Tahoma Senior High School[2]in Maple Valley, earning two state championships. He also began Boxing when he was a junior. Pulver wrestled for Highline Community College where he became an NJCAA All-American by placing in the top eight at the NJCAA National Championships. He then wrestled for Boise State University (BSU), before an injury (bilateral fracture of the wrists) eventually ended his amateur wrestling career. Pulver eventually graduated from BSU with a degree in criminal justice.[3]”


I can't stand Tony.  Didn't like him to start with, then he broke my buddy Aaron's jaw!  But I'll give it to him, he can beat any 155 on any given night.  War cowboy!!