Tony Valente - WHY?!?

K-1: Battle Of The Rising Sun

Tony Valente vs so and so

Just finished watching this fight and all I can say is...rather all I can do is LMAO!

Why was this guy in the ring to begin with? Who gassed him up into thinking that he can get into the ring with no type of defense against low and mid kicks?

Wearing an outfit like that you are NOT supposed to lose! No punching technique or any real kicking technique either.

Truly hilarious!

I saw him a few years ago at K-1 USA. He fought after the tournament. That was an awesome fight.

At 39, he doesn't appear to have a lot left.

Perhaps he could take on Vince Phillips next.


After seeing his age I was dumfounded because he doen't look anywhere near 39 yrs of age.

The Bruce Lee stance was cool and all but that was all he had. His gut just swallowed those kicks willingly.