Tony: when I spar

I noticed lately at a tourney I would do a techinque and think where did that come from.
I was sparring at a TKD tourney and out of the blue I roundhoused the guy in the side of the head, but I didn't plan to it just happened. Is this common ?

Its not common but its certainly not un-common.

WHen we[the generic 'we' as in us] stop fixating or trying to get our favorite move in or playing defensive [worrying about our oppoenent's skill] we start to shift from critical focus to a diffused focus where we sense rather than see. This process is a lot faster than the 'thinking it out' mode [decision making occurs on a different level here].

You were, in the proverbial "Zone". Its a neat place to be. BUt get good at dominating and motivating yourself when you're out of the Zone [which is where we are most of the time].



Thanks for the info, I know what you mean, don't plan on being there to often.