tony 'winky wright' ferguson?

... top guys think they can take him but there's just too much risk to want to fight him?


Winky had better defense.  

TFK_HossPearson -

Winky had better defense.  

good point.


but equally too dangerous to risks for guys on top?

Winky has some of the best standup defense, the size of his large forearms in relation to his tiny head allowed him to just put his guard up and take almost no damage, his fights bs Shane Mosley and Felix Trinidad were defensive clinics, i wish Ferguson had his defense but Furgesons offense, heart and other stuff is better than a winky write if you compare from the different sports 

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I almost forgot about winky

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Winky fought several tough guys

Vargas, Mosley, Trinidad, Taylor, & Hopkins

This was all after his European crusade