Tonya Evinger Lesbian Party

Props: via Fightlinker


 Which season of TUF was that?

WTF? 0 people got fucked up in that crappy video. You rated 1/You Voted Down


 tonya's great. 


didnt know whoopie Goldberg was into MMA

 heh i thought she was joking in her last pre-fight proelite interview about crushin on Carano!

I love that fighter!

classy lady.


ugh...just watched an interview with her. What a bore.

throws up in waste basket

Andre, I just got off the phone with Tanya Evinger (I really didn't) and she said YOU'RE a bore!

 2:53 and not even a girl-girl kiss?!?!


Ok we get it, you know how to flick off a camera. Move along people, there is nothing else to see here. I dont get why you would flick off a camera? Your saying "fuck you" to the people who are watching your video, isnt that kind of "against the whole fucking point"?

At least there were pasties and that semi-hetero hug near the end. Good enough for me.

They actually think the finger is some kind of cutting edge rebellious thing. Incredible beasts, likely with Chyna-Clit Disease.

None of you would say that to Nick Diaz's face.