Tony's Rake

All righty then. Perhaps if you holding a seminar in Montreal or closer to Jersey, hopefully I'll be out of school by then. Peace

Did my rake/Fall joke go unnoticed or was it just too 'dry'?

Try to 'leave' a good impression....

Ok a more real answer:

There's actually a lot of 'inuitive' insight on the SCIENCE OF THE SUCKER PUNCH video with reference to the primal relationship to setting up weapons and targets. Much of this info applies to the Rake and its effectiventess. Your observations were accurate.

1. Its natural because 'eye/hand' coordination is the most instintive tool/target skill we have.

2. It is psychological debilitating because it is an implied claustrophobia and suffocation tactic.

3. It sets up bigger/better moves because it indexes the threat/target and temp. blinds the bad-guy.




Yeah I got it. Some reason the rake works better in Autumn. Its good with "SPEAR" that way.

Palms up in an unthreatening posture I like.
open palms closer to oppoenents face and neck without them taking affront to it.

Definitely true with the temorary blindness.

I'm a big fan of Bill Murray's so I can detect Dry.

Thanx Coach.

Wasn't that one of Bruce Lee's orginal students?

This question is for anyone who can answer it. Why does Tony use the Rake? I noticed in the videos that he uses it.

I learned when training with various people that it works. By that I mean it works as a distraction to prepare the major attack. It seams to pyschologically mess with people in the sense that they don't expect it. I try to recite the fact that no one technique works but this seems very effective when used correctly. Is there any background research to the art of the Rake. Any feedback would be appreciated.


It was developed in the Fall, when the leaves were....


It works. No need for research.