too deadly for the cage?

Roy I've known System A guys and Kung Fu guys who say their stuff is too deadly for the cage.

Can you tell me your opinion on this theory that some styles are too deadly for the cage?



While I understand the statement "My style is too deadly for the cage", I
think it would be better if a person said, "A portion of the techniques
and tactics my style emphasize are too dangerous for cage fighting"
would be more appropriate.

I certainly don't want to discredit anyone or any particular style, but we
all understand that eye gouging, biting, groin striking, maiming and
other such techniques/tactics are too dangerous for the sport of MMA.

It must be remembered that MMA is a sport, and the sport has three

  1. To make money for the sponsors, vendors and promoters.

  2. To entertain the spectators.

  3. To allow competitors to test themselves and be awarded in some

If the sport of MMA allowed life threatening (or maiming) techniques
and tactics, then the sponsors, vendors and promoters would lose
money. While SOME spectators might feel entertained, others would be
turned off by such acts of violence (e.g. insurance companies,
permanently injured fighters, newspapers and other media, etc..).

So, if some guys say their stuff is too deadly for the ring, then cool. Let
them remain a legend in their own mind.

Having trained with some people who've "been there and done that",
their response to the question "Is your style too deadly for the ring"
would more than likely be:

"Oh no! I wouldn't compete in such events cuz I'd probably end up
getting hurt."

Roy Harris

Hi, Mr. Harris. First of all let me begin by saying I am a huge fan of your approach to martial arts. But I have a question. I have been around this forum for a while and I have had many debates regarding effectiveness of training bjj for self defense vs. other styles. During this time I have called into question the effectiveness of bjj as a form of self defense.

I have asked this question before but I dont seem to get clear on it. Is bjj a waste of time and energy for self defense?

If so, why you spend so much energy teaching it?



look at the beggining of "Roy, your evolution".


Here are a few articles to read:

Take a look at these articles and then re-read them a couple of times.
If you have more questions, please come back and ask me. I think
these few articles will more than adequately address your concerns.

Roy Harris