Too frakin' soon!


In an appearance on the latest episode of Grantland's "Andy Greenwald Podcast," Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso dropped a few hints about what's in store for the publisher's line of superhero comics after the dust settles on "All-New, All-Different Marvel."
Alonso spoke at length about the process of developing Marvel's annual events, noting that they try to hold stories for when they feel right, citing "World War Hulk" as an example. "What it comes down to is just trusting the room and taking a look at the zeitgeist and not going in saying, 'Let's try and do something that taps into the zeitgeist the way that 'Civil War' did,'" said Alonso. "It just doesn't work that way. It has to come more naturally."
The EiC then spoke about the future of Marvel's events, revealing the first bit of info about what may be in store for the heroes.
"That said, spoiler alert, I feel that we've been talking for a while about a story that has, let's just say a lot of meat on its bones," said Alonso. "A lot of meat on its bones that really speaks to the world right now and the zeitgeist of the day, something that we think everyone will relate to -- that reads a comic book, that watches TV, that has an iPhone or a Blackberry. We're slowly whittling that down to the story we're going to be very proud of. I can't give you an estimated date for it, because we're not forcing it, but again, it's something we're being patient with."


paw comments:  FFS!  Can we just pretend that we'll have a status quo after Secret Wars ends, even if only for a little while.  And now that I'm thinking about it, how about FINISHING Secret Wars before teasing about "what comes next".

Agreed. Getting to the point of 90s ridiculousness. Instead of embossed foil covers it's "guess how many world shattering things I can cram into this one!" Phone Post 3.0

"Zeitgeist" - A once in a lifetime event that will bring rise to the all-all new, even more different Marvel!!

Yawn... Phone Post 3.0