Too hard on Brock ?

Do the Carwin and Cain fights really show that Brock is afraid to get hit and can't take a punch?

These are two of the strongest men and hardest punchers in the history of MMA.

Cain was on that fight science show and his punching registered higher than any one they had ever tested, including pro boxers.

Cain stopped Nog dead which had never been done, not by Fedor, not by prime Cro Cop.
(The Frank Mir fight by comparison had Mir landing multiple punches to a sick Nog until the ref stopped it)

Carwin's hammer hands had never let an opponent last more than 4 minutes before. He'd never actually been to round 2 ever. Thats crazy.

Brock's striking defense is horrible and these 2 guys - who may be the hardest punchers ever - landed flush shots.

With no real striking game or ability to defend himself, Brock tried to get away until his 'scrambled egg' (to use his term) brain could recover.

Am I way off the mark?

LOL nothing ?

 people will always find a reason to hate on brock. it's a few different things,imo.

1st he came from pro-rasslin

2nd zuffa hate. mma is like the anti-establishment, but there is also the anti-establishment INSIDE mma that will hate anything zuffa does.

3rd he was successful. mma fans are fickle enough to believe that if brock wins it lessens their sport b/c he had no mma background.

4th antics. he showed some emotion and fired back at another fighter after winning a fight. people saw this as disrespect.

but, imo, he deserves more respect for coming in and being successful in the short mma career he's had...

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