Too late in year for BJ to lose

Statistically, BJ has only not been able to win in the 1st quarter of the year. For some reason, after the 1st 3 months of the year, BJ becomes unbeatable.

The only way Hughes or anyone will ever defeat or draw BJ is by fighting him Jan-March.

Reminds me of some of the stats they give in the first Major League movie.

bj will beat matt my fuckinass the first fight was a fluke and everyone knows it when matt beats him in a very competitive fight the bj bitches will scream he took the fight on short notice or if matt would not have pounded him through the floor bj wouldve won.

Interesting observation, Chief.

Either way it's gonna be a great fight, whether in Sept. or New Year's Day.

Hughes/BJ 1 was in Jan 2004.

"Chief, please rationalize why the time of year would affect the outcome? "

Just wishful thinking . He doesn`t know what he is talking about so he makes up some bullshit to make it look like he does.

"Chief, please rationalize why the time of year would affect the outcome?"

I haven't figured out a rationalization yet, but if you check BJ's record, you can see he wins all fights after march, and typically doesn't win during the first 3 months.

The obvious exception is when he beat Hughes in jan.

Dude, be creative. Think of one yourself.

This is a funny ass thread. TTT!