too much beer and not enough poker

drinkn' beer is fun an all but there is little if any skill involved. some taste differnt than others but in the end its all beer......

poker on the other hand is near infinite in its two hands are ever the same. it is a game of skill and psychology and math. the more you play the better you get....

yes, they go hand in hand, beer and poker, but so do pissin' and poker, eating and poker, breathing and is something you do while you do something else, not something you do as a main activity (though i'm sure there are those who actually just drink beer as a main activity - usually ouside their double wide, sitting on a 5 dollar walmart lawn chair).

so my question is:

while this is a "cigars, beer, and poker" forum, how many of you really play poker as much as you drink beer?

how often, what stakes, what games, where, how long, online or casino or home games?

*this is not intended to offend those who look ar beer as if it were as varied and complex as fine wines....and as far as cigars go, i like the $1.50 chocolate ones the best.

Beer can be an activity in an of itself--I've taken two vacations that were centered around beer, one of which involved going to the Great British Beer Festival and visiting various breweries. I would also argue that the variations on beer styles are much wider than the variations on poker games--check out the beer style chart posted by Jonwell here recently. On the other hand, the vast majority of poker being played in casinos or online is either Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha-8, Stud, or Stud-8. That doesn't sound like a lot of variety to me. The individual poker hands and the situations in which you get them are going to vary but so do the kinds of beer you can drink and the situations and locations you find yourself in when you're drinking them. It all depends on your perspective.

I see your disclaimer and I'm not trying to start an argument, just to present an alternative viewpoint.

i stand corrected. one man's beer is another's poker game i suppose.


And it is an open forum- if you'd like to talk poker, by all means start a poker thread or continue the ones that are already alive.

I'm curious as to why this thread was made. A look at the forum shows a pretty good mix of beer and poker threads. If anything, cigars are underrepresented.

Most of the poker related questions in your post can probably be answered in the existing threads.

I love all 3. The thing about playing poker is if you don't like playing online or live in a legal gaming city, it's tough to find a consistent game. We play once a month usually, but it's pretty low stakes.

Beer is everywhere, even good beer is only a few miles away. Same with cigars.

But I don't see your point, all 5 of the top threads currently are poker.

DISCLAIMER: If this was a troll thread, I will ban you faster than Jonwell drinks beer I have never heard of and Capo Bret will put you in the back of the Escalade.

For the record Don, I drink beer very slowly.

But I do drink it! *eyes trolls warily*


first off, your petty threats about capo brett and his gremlin don't scare me one bit.

second, hot dogs seem to be available in every major city as well but i don't see how that would make them a substitute for the great and nobel game of poker?

why not cocaine, beer, and hot dogs forum?

why not poker, pizza, and potato chips?

why associate poker with beer or any other vice?

beer and weed? poker and heroin?

cigarettes and pie?

snicker bars and yatzee?

cigars and cancer?

i just don't really see the logical grouping of beer cigars and poker and, at the time i originally wrote this all the top threads were about beer - not poker.

why not just an "addictive vices forum"?

it could cover all drugs, gambling, booze, porn and devient sexual behaviors, binge eating and all other assorted 12 step activities......just a thought..

ban me as you see fit but i speak the truth and will continue to

because beer cigars and poker can be regarded as 'fine' things, whereas drugs and pornography cannot.

If you want to make your own forum, ask Kirik.

"fine things" is a very subjective term in regards to things that are a matter of personal taste.

i've heard the term "fine cigars" or "fine wine" but never "fine beer". i've heard people say, "beer is fine", but its not the same thing.....and its usually in relpy to something like, "would you like me to open a bottle of 'fine wine'?" and you say, "no, beer's fine."

i have heard people say, "damn! this is some fine ass weed!" which is simular i guess. i've heard about "fine ass bitches" who are in porn....


we need to get you hooked on a few drugs...... vicodin with your beer and poker would be my personal recommendation for a newbie like you. mild enough to avoid making stupid moves at the table, yet strong enough that you won't even notice all the cigar smoke in your eyes.

I think Having a beer and smoking a Cigar while playing Poker is a perfect match.

i can't argue with that, except i'd substitute a pizza for the cigar.......

what's up with that no limt $100 buy in game??

There's plenty of fine beer, just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

LOL. Right on, troll away. I am always down for a good 1. Just at least be intelligent or funny

hey calm down....i like beer asmuch as the next guy. i'm having one right now and its fine. BUT, i'm under no illusion that beer is one of the things TRADITIONALLY thought as a "FINE THING".

beer is very proletariat and by nature wouldn't fall under the heading of "fine thing".

most "fine things" are enjoyed by the bourgeoisie:

fine watches
fine cars
fine wines
fine pens
fine clothes
fine homes
fine women
fine foods
fine....blah blah blah

now what do all these things have in common?


they are all very expensive.

beer is generally not very expensive and is therefore, as you mentioned above, available to all equally which makes it a "common thing"( for the proletariat), not a "fine thing"(for the bourgeoisie).

now don't get me wrong. i find some of the "common" things in life to be my favorite things as do most people i'm sure. but i wouldn't call my favorite old t-shirt "fine clothing" even though i may like it alot.
i wouldn't call pizza "fine food" even though i love pizza. Caviar IS considered a "fine food" even if you think its disgusting like i do. beer is one of the wonders of the world but its not a "fine thing"....sorry.

"LOL. Right on, troll away. I am always down for a good 1. Just at least be intelligent or funny "

obviously you aren't a "happy drunk" are you,......"don"??

Headcheese it ain't been set in stone but as soon as i find out ill definately post the date. You also need to lighten up "The Don" brought us this site and i enjoy it.

the cheese trully didn't mean to offend that donald dude. the cheese had no idea these guys take their beer so damn seriously. i'd kiss don's ring but his hand probably stinks like stale beer and cigars.....

the cheese thought that this might be the one forum where people wouldn't get bent out of shape due to the light subject matter......the cheese feels he may have been wrong and that people under the OG banner of forums would fight over anything.

-the cheese

the cheese awaits his banning from the forum he's been on since 97 or 98 for the insensitive remarks he made regarding the classification of beer.

the cheese leaves his bill fold and fine watch on the counter, puts on his finest clothing and awaits his fate at the hand of the don and his beer swilling goon squad.

"in the old days......."