too much beer and not enough poker

No banning but we aint gonna accept the same bs that goes on over on the "OG". If you wanna be funny try not to be insulting Please!

Your name sounds homo to me and you are allowed to stay?

not to beat a dead fish but i really don't see where i was the least bit insulting to anyone unless you consider my pontifications on the classification of beer and its relative merits to be insulting?

the skin around here is thin enough for this to be tea, yoga, and ohprah forum.

everyone should lighten up. its not like i mocked jesus on the holyground, posted racist remarks on the og, insulted a pro-fighter on the ug, or called soldiers "baby-killers" on the soldier ground (i have the utmost respect for all our millitary). all i did was make a post about the grouping of beer and poker. little did i know i was venturing into such sacrosanct waters that i would raise the hackles of some internet cigar sucking lynch mob.

mea culpa.

it won't happen again.

poker, beer, cigars, three things that are great together. these are the three things that women will give you a hard time about, what better way to prove you manhood, than to enjoy all three.

Capo yet again shows his brilliance

No i was just married to the Bitch for 9 years is all, LOL

Play 30 hours a week plus, its my career, if I drank beer 30 hours a week I could fight in the heavyweight division, not sure how good the record would be.