Too much leg work?

I recently added a trap bar (hex bar) to my arsenal for purposes of doing deadlifts. As I mentioned on another thread I LOVE it. Far less strain on the low back, great pump in the quads & glutes. I'm also doing box squats & the occasional set of leg extensions & leg curls. I had been doing SLDL's & would like to add them back into my program this next cycle, but the widestance (WSBB) method of box squatting works my hamstrings pretty d#mn well so I may keep them out for now.

My question: am I doing too much lower body work by box squatting & trap-bar deadlifting on the same days, 3x a week? My low back feels great; my knees are a touch sore (I'm approaching my 5RM for my box squats so I'm attributing that to the higher weight) but generally so far I feel pretty good.





I OL 3x a week, do up to 90 training squats + warm up to training weight,

Enough Clean and Jerks typically 2r x 6-8sets per session.  Snatch 3r x 6-8reps.

Some pulls and other leg work.

Gymnastics 1x a week and legs get hammered again.

You adapt quick to it.

I would only say too much if say you were a rock climber!  Or someone that didn't need all that leg training.


Thanks, BigKiller. I do muay thai 2-3x per week; not so much grappling anymore, and Scrapper's stuff once or twice a week as well. I'm going to finish this microcycle (only three more workouts) and then think about starting to alternate between the two exercises but keep the frequency the same. I'm not so much into gaiing size, but so far both lifts have been progressing well & I'd hate to neglect either one for a full cycle.



Good idea. I may give that a try.